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Rapper, Producer, Songwriter, and Label CEO

About C1

Meet C1, a multifaceted artist and industry powerhouse, making waves in the music scene. With a passion for crafting compelling lyrics, producing infectious beats, and leading a successful label, C1 is a force to be reckoned with.

The Artist

From Rhymes to Realness

C1's lyrical prowess transcends boundaries. With a unique blend of storytelling and raw emotion, C1 paints vivid pictures through words. From introspective verses to anthemic hooks, C1's music resonates with a diverse audience, touching on themes of life, love, and the pursuit of dreams.

The Producer

Beats that Define Eras

Behind every great track is an even greater beat. C1's production style is an alchemical fusion of old-school vibes and cutting-edge sounds. His ability to create sonic landscapes that perfectly complement his lyrics is a testament to his artistry. From boom-bap to trap, C1's beats are the heartbeat of his music.

The Songwriter

Crafting Stories, One Line at a Time

C1's songwriting transcends the boundaries of genre. His ability to seamlessly weave intricate narratives into his music sets him apart. From introspective ballads to high-energy bangers, C1's versatility as a songwriter ensures that every track is a journey worth taking.

The Label CEO

Empowering the Next Generation of Artists

Beyond his own music, C1 is a visionary label CEO, committed to nurturing emerging talent. Under his guidance, the label has become a haven for artists seeking artistic freedom and a platform to showcase their talent. C1's hands-on approach and keen business acumen ensure that every artist under his wing has the support they need to thrive.

Legacy and Influence

C1's Impact on the Industry

C1's influence extends far beyond the confines of his studio. His music resonates with a global audience, and his dedication to pushing boundaries has left an indelible mark on the industry. Whether on stage, in the studio, or behind the scenes, C1's impact is felt by fans and fellow artists alike.

Connect with C1

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Explore the world of C1, where music is more than just a sound—it's an experience. Join the journey, and let the rhythm guide you.



Singer, Songwriter Extraordinaire

About ICE

Introducing ICE, a luminary in the world of music, whose ethereal voice and poetic prowess have captivated audiences worldwide. As a singer and songwriter, ICE weaves tales of love, longing, and the human experience into melodies that resonate deep within the soul.

The Singer

From Whispers to Soaring Heights

ICE's voice is a testament to the power of music. With a range that spans from tender whispers to soaring heights, each note carries an emotional weight that leaves audiences spellbound. Whether crooning a heartfelt ballad or belting out an empowering anthem, ICE's vocal prowess knows no bounds.

The Songwriter

Weaving Tales Through Lyrics

ICE's songwriting transcends mere words on a page. Each lyric is a carefully crafted story, a journey through the depths of emotion. From tender verses that tug at the heartstrings to powerful choruses that inspire, ICE's ability to convey the human experience through song is nothing short of extraordinary.

The Music

Melodies that Resonate

ICE's music is a symphony of emotions, a tapestry of sound that weaves together elements of pop, soul, and heartfelt balladry. Each composition is a carefully curated masterpiece, a testament to ICE's dedication to creating music that leaves an indelible mark on listeners.

The Journey

From Heartache to Hope

ICE's music is a journey, a chronicle of the highs and lows that shape the human experience. Through every melody, every lyric, listeners embark on a voyage of self-discovery, finding solace in the shared emotions that connect us all.

Connect with ICE

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Join the Journey

Step into the world of ICE, where music transcends the ordinary and becomes a transformative experience. Let the melodies carry you away on a voyage of emotion and discovery. Welcome to the realm of ICE.

Melanie Maria

Melanie Maria

Marketing Director 

Melanie Marie is a highly skilled marketing professional with a proven track record of helping brands connect and grow their online presence. With over three years of experience in the industry, Melanie has been instrumental in guiding numerous companies towards achieving their digital marketing goals.

Melanie's expertise lies in developing comprehensive marketing strategies that encompass various online channels, including social media, content marketing, and search engine optimization. Her ability to understand the target audience and create engaging and impactful content has been key in driving brand awareness and increasing customer engagement.

Throughout her career, Melanie has demonstrated a keen understanding of market trends and consumer behavior, allowing her to identify new opportunities for brands to thrive. Her strong analytical skills enable her to measure the success of marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions that maximize results.

As the Marketing Director at C1-Ice Media Group, Melanie plays a crucial role in driving the company's marketing efforts. Her creative mindset, strategic approach, and passion for excellence make her an invaluable asset to the team. Melanie's dedication to staying updated with the latest industry trends and technologies ensures that C1-Ice Media Group stays at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape.

With Melanie's guidance and expertise, C1-Ice Media Group is able to help brands establish a strong online presence and achieve their growth objectives. Her commitment to delivering exceptional results has made her the go-to person for businesses looking to enhance their online visibility and drive success in the digital realm.



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Nikki Russell

Nikki Russell

Riding the Waves of Music Mastery

About Nikki Russell

Meet Nikki Russell, an enchanting voice in the realm of music. With a captivating blend of soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Nikki has carved her name into the hearts of listeners worldwide. Her distinctive sound and lyrical prowess make her a standout artist in today's music landscape.

The Singer

Emotions in Harmony

Nikki's voice is a vessel of emotion, carrying listeners on a journey through the highs and lows of the human experience. With a range that spans from tender vulnerability to powerful resilience, she weaves stories through each note, creating a connection that lingers long after the music fades.

The Music

Waves: A Symphony of Emotion

"Waves": A title that encapsulates the ebb and flow of life's experiences. Nikki's album is a masterpiece, a collection of songs that span the spectrum of human emotion. From the tender ballads that tug at the heartstrings to the anthems that empower, "Waves" is a musical journey that mirrors life's dynamic rhythms.

Highlights: "Waves" Album Release

This is a momentous time for Nikki Russell. Her latest album, "Waves," is a testament to her artistry and growth as an artist. With each track, she invites listeners to dive into a sea of emotions, riding the waves of life alongside her. This album is a milestone, a reflection of Nikki's dedication to her craft.

Connect with Nikki Russell

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Dive into the Waves

Embark on a musical journey with Nikki Russell, where every note is a wave that carries you to the shores of emotion. Experience the magic of "Waves" and let the music envelop you in its embrace. Welcome to the world of Nikki Russell.

Nick Palermo

Nick Palermo

Creative Director -  Elevating Soundscapes to Perfection

About Nick Palermo

Meet Nick Palermo, a visionary producer and engineer, whose mastery in the realm of audio production has redefined the boundaries of sonic excellence. With an innate ability to sculpt sound, Nick transforms raw tracks into polished gems, leaving an indelible mark on every project he touches.

The Producer and Engineer

Crafting Sonic Brilliance

Nick Palermo is a maestro in the studio, with an unparalleled talent for bringing out the best in every recording. His keen ear, coupled with technical wizardry, allows him to seamlessly merge artistry with precision engineering. Whether it's shaping the atmosphere of a track or fine-tuning every frequency, Nick's touch is unmistakable.

The Sonic Alchemist

Turning Ideas into Gold

Nick's ability to understand an artist's vision and translate it into a tangible sonic reality is nothing short of alchemical. He doesn't just mix and produce; he breathes life into soundscapes, elevating them to heights that exceed expectations. The result is an immersive auditory experience that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

A Portfolio of Excellence

From Diverse Genres to Timeless Hits

Nick's portfolio spans a wide spectrum of genres, from heart-pounding rock anthems to soul-stirring ballads and everything in between. His versatility and adaptability shine through in each project, showcasing an uncanny ability to understand and enhance the essence of every artist he collaborates with.

Collaborations That Define Careers

Empowering Artists, One Track at a Time

Nick Palermo's collaborations read like a who's who of the music industry. His work with both established names and emerging talent has resulted in chart-topping hits, critically acclaimed albums, and a legacy of sonic brilliance that stands the test of time.

Connect with Nick Palermo

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Elevate Your Sound

Step into the world of Nick Palermo, where every beat, every note, and every frequency is meticulously crafted to perfection. Experience the magic of sonic transformation and let your music reach new heights. Welcome to the realm of Nick Palermo.



Introducing Producer PHD: Shaping Musical Landscapes with Precision and Passion

About PHD

Meet PHD, a seasoned producer whose creative genius and technical prowess have earned him a reputation as a maestro in the music industry. With an uncanny ability to blend artistry and engineering, PHD has become a driving force behind some of the most impactful tracks in contemporary music.

The Artisan Producer

Crafting Soundscapes with Expertise

PHD's mastery lies in his keen understanding of music as both an art form and a technical endeavor. His production skills go beyond mere arrangement, with each track meticulously sculpted to bring out the essence of the artist's vision. Whether it's balancing frequencies or fine-tuning arrangements, PHD's touch is transformative.

Collaboration with Nikki Russell

Elevating Emotion through Sound

PHD's collaboration with Nikki Russell has yielded some of the most emotionally resonant tracks in recent memory. Their synergy in the studio is palpable, resulting in hits like "I Hate the Way I Feel," a raw and visceral portrayal of human emotion, and "Get Back Up," an anthem of resilience that strikes a chord with listeners worldwide.

Sculpting Statik's Sound

From Ideas to Anthems

PHD's work on tracks like "IDK" by Statik showcases his ability to turn concepts into chart-topping hits. With a keen ear for arrangement and a knack for production techniques that push boundaries, PHD's influence on Statik's sound is undeniable, creating tracks that resonate with audiences on a profound level.

A Legacy of Hits

Charting Success, Track by Track

PHD's discography reads like a playlist of contemporary music's finest moments. From iconic hooks to ground-shaking beats, his touch elevates every project he undertakes. His ability to seamlessly blend genres and push boundaries has resulted in a legacy of hits that continue to inspire and captivate listeners.

Connect with PHD

Stay tuned for the latest updates, releases, and collaborations from PHD:

For inquiries and collaborations, contact: [email protected]

Crafting Sonic Brilliance

Step into the world of PHD, where every beat, every note, and every frequency is meticulously crafted to perfection. Experience the magic of production expertise and let your music reach new heights. Welcome to the realm of PHD.

Xoose (godlibeats)

Xoose (godlibeats)

Introducing Producer Xoose (godlibeats): A Sonic Alchemist Bridging Continents

About Xoose (godlibeats)

Meet Xoose, a visionary producer hailing from Africa, whose musical prowess knows no bounds. With a diverse palette that spans Trap to Afro, Boombap to R&B, and Soul, Xoose is a sonic architect, seamlessly weaving cultural influences into a tapestry of beats that transcend borders.

The Sonic Alchemist

From Beats to Magic

Xoose is a true alchemist in the studio, crafting beats that are nothing short of transformative. His ability to blend genres with precision and finesse is a testament to his artistry. Each track is a testament to his deep understanding of the nuances that make each genre unique.

Afro Vibes, Global Appeal

African Roots, Worldwide Reach

Xoose's music is a celebration of Africa's rich musical heritage. Infused with the rhythms and melodies that define the continent, his beats resonate on a global scale. Whether it's the infectious grooves of Afrobeat or the hypnotic rhythms of Trap, Xoose's sound carries the spirit of Africa to the world.

Boombap Nostalgia, Future Sounds

Honoring Tradition, Embracing Innovation

Xoose pays homage to the golden era of Boombap while infusing it with a fresh perspective. His beats carry the soulful essence of the past, interwoven with modern elements that give them a timeless quality. The result is a sound that bridges generations and speaks to music lovers across the spectrum.

R&B and Soul: The Heartbeat of Emotion

Crafting Songs that Stir the Soul

Xoose's ability to create R&B and Soul beats that tug at the heartstrings is unparalleled. Each note carries an emotional weight, weaving stories of love, loss, and redemption. His production style elevates vocal performances, creating a synergy that results in tracks that resonate on a deeply personal level.

Based in Africa, Inspired by the World

Continents Collide in Sound

Rooted in Africa, Xoose draws inspiration from the vibrant cultures and landscapes of the continent. The rhythms of the savannah, the melodies of the rainforest, and the energy of the cities all find their way into his music. Through his beats, Xoose invites listeners on a journey across continents.

Connect with Xoose (godlibeats)

Explore the world of Xoose and experience the magic of his beats:

For collaborations and inquiries, contact: [email protected]

Experience the Global Soundwave

Step into the world of Xoose, where beats are more than just music—they're an experience that transcends borders. Embrace the fusion of cultures and let the rhythm carry you on a journey across continents. Welcome to the sonic universe of Xoose (godlibeats).